About Us

Whether you are a collector, dealer, student, or historian ... if you have an interest in any of the now-collectible wares that were produced by the Homer Laughlin China Company or Fiesta Tableware Company, the Homer Laughlin China Collectors Association is for you! Formed in the summer of 1998 as an all-volunteer, member-operated organization, HLCCA is dedicated to providing a serious educational forum and communication tool for all those who are interested in the important contribution that HLC / FTC has made to American culture, from 1873 to the present. HLCCA is a non-profit organization, with IRS Section 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. Our membership is drawn primarily from the United States and Canada, but we welcome international members as well. We conduct an annual Conference during which we offer seminars, workshops, multi-media presentations, auctions, exhibits, and other opportunities to share and exchange information about HLC / FTC products. The Dish, the official publication of HLCCA, is a quarterly magazine that contains a wealth of information on topics relevant to anyone interested in HLC / FTC.

Educational Resources for Libraries and Museums

HLCCA provides The Dish, its principal educational resource, free of charge to museums and libraries. If you represent a library or museum, please contact us with the full name and mailing address of your institution and we will add you to our mailing list. Distribution through your institution will help us achieve our mission of securing a place in American cultural history for HLC / FTC dinnerware.

Valuable Contacts

HLCCA provides opportunities to make valuable contacts. Meet and establish networks with other collectors who have interests similar to yours; in the process, you may learn about sources and resources you previously have overlooked.

Who and How to Contact the HLCCA

Email is read and responded to by HLCCA Board of Directors members. If we are unable to answer your question, we will forward it to the appropriate person.

HLCCA offers, to HLCCA members only, assistance in the identification of shapes and/or patterns for the various HLC product lines. We regret this service cannot be provided to non-members. If you wish to join the HLCCA, please follow this link:

When requesting such assistance with shape/pattern identifications, you must send photographs of the items in question. Because of multiple factors affecting values, HLCCA cannot offer pricing guidelines for HLC pieces. Only a qualified appraiser of vintage china can provide this information. Likewise HLCCA does not maintain a registry of dealers; therefore we are unable to provide suggestions for where and how to sell HLC wares.


Written Correspondence
412 Preakness Dr
Raymore, MO 64083

Who are the HLCCA Officers, Board Members, and other volunteers?


Julie Wagner President
Al Heitmann Vice President
Tina Weitkamp Secretary
Wendi Brewer Treasurer
Troy Knighton Editor
Board Members
Troy Knighton Zone 1
Julie Wagner Zone 2
Susan Halsey Zone 3
Tina Weitkamp Zone 4
Al Heitmann            Zone 5
Wendi Brewer Zone 6
Alice Fast Zone 7
Jesus Moctezuma Zone 8
Kathy Holley Zone 9
International Members

Zones are determined based on member's postal code