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HLCCA Exclusives

HLCCA Exclusive Juice Pitchers
Celebrating the 1930s

Introduced in 1999, HLCCA started the 1930s Series to celebrate the architecture, lifestyles and arts of the time. The series is now complete with the introduction of the 1939 juice pitcher.
HLCCA 1939 Exclusive Juice Pitcher
1939 Pitcher
1939 Pitcher Detail

The 2007 pitcher, celebrating the year 1939 (tenth and final in our series), features the 1939 New York World's Fair and 1939 Golden Gate International Exposition, San Francisco Bay. The pitcher is produced in cobalt, and features a decals fired with metallic glazes.

400 cobalt, '07

NY - Tour of the '39 NYWF
NY - '39 NYWF Theme Song
SF - GGIE "Treasures"
HLCCA 1938 Exclusive Juice Pitcher
1938 Pitcher
1938 Pitcher Detail

The 2006 pitcher, the ninth in our series, features the New York Central System's 1938 20th Centry Limited Train — a great example of Art Deco / streamline styling by the famous industial designer, Henry Dreyfuss.

400 scarlet, '06

Dreyfuss @ Cooper-Hewit
Dreyfuss @ Wikipedia
20th Century Limited @

HLCCA 1937 Exclusive Juice Pitcher
1937 Pitcher
1937 Pitcher Detail

The 2005 pitcher, celebrating the year 1937 (eighth in our series), features the Golden Gate Bridge.

400 shamrock, '05


HLCCA 1936 Exclusive Juice Pitcher
1936 Pitcher
1936 Pitcher Detail

The 2004 pitcher, celebrating the year 1936 (seventh in our series), features Frederick Hurten Rhead, Art Director for Homer Laughlin China and designer of Fiesta™ dinnerware, to celebrate the introduction of that line. Rhead's personal bookplate is reproduced on the reverse side, courtesy of Homer Laughlin China Company.

400 tangerine, '04

FHR @ Wikipedia
Homer Laughlin China, May '07

HLCCA 1935 Exclusive Juice Pitcher
1935 Pitcher
1935 Pitcher Detail

The 2003 pitcher, celebrating the year 1935 (sixth in our series), features "Dish Night at the Movies." Theaters gave out free pieces of dinnerware to bring in more patrons. Once a week was "dish night" when you might recieve a dinner plate one week, and a soup bowl or a cup and saucer the next. The pitcher was produced in plum, with metallic colors.

600 plum, '03

Preserving Historic Theaters

HLCCA 1934 Exclusive Juice Pitcher
1934 Pitcher
1934 Pitcher Detail
The fifth in our series of Fiesta juice pitchers celebrating the 1930s is a tribute transoceanic travel.

500 periwinkle & 275 juniper, '02

Ocean Liner Links
The RMS Queen Mary
D. Lee's Queen Mary Page

HLCCA 1933 Exclusive Juice Pitcher
1933 Pitcher
1933 Pitcher Detail
The Century of Progress Exhibition was a monumental event for Art Deco design. This pitcher has a fantastic six color metallic decoration.

500 black, '01 500 black, '01, sold out

CHS Century of Progress
AS@UVA Intro to 1933 Fair
Chicago Art Deco Society
Chicago Public Library
Century of Progress Exposition
Century of Progress
  from US@UVA 30s America
GM Exhibit at 1933 Fair
PBS Streamliners

HLCCA 1932 Exclusive Juice Pitcher
1932 Pitcher
1932 Pitcher Detail
The third in our series of pitchers continues our celebrations of the 1930s with images that recall the Golden Age of Radio, presented on a yellow Fiesta™ juice pitcher.

400 yellow, '00

30s on the Air
  from US@UVA 30s America
Anique Radios Online
Old Time Radio (OTR)
Norm's Radio
OTR Web Ring

HLCCA 1931 Exclusive Juice Pitcher
1931 Pitcher
Dick Tracy®
©Tribune Media Services, Inc.
1931 Pitcher Detail
A Dick Tracy pitcher, inspired by the vintage HLC Dick Tracy children's set, is the second in the series. The cartoon detective's comic strip debuted in October 1931.

photo, above right: vintage HLC Dick Tracy children's set, featured on cover of Vol. 2 No. 1 of The Dish

500 white, '00

Chester Gould - DT Museum

HLCCA 1930 Exclusive Juice Pitcher
1930 Pitcher
The Chrysler Building and The Chrysler Building Design and Image are trademarks of 405 Lexington, L.L.C. and are used under license by the owner.
1930 Pitcher Detail
This first in the series piece celebrates the opening of the Chrysler Building, one of the landmarks in Art Deco style.

350 pearl gray, '99

Building the Chrysler Building
  from US@UVA 30s America
The Chrysler Building
Great Buildings Online
Paper Model
Daniel's Manhattan Arch.
PBS Building Big
Art Deco World

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